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Energy audit

Thorough Home Energy Audits

Ensure your home or any other structure is performing at its best with a home energy audit from Illinois Valley Insulation.

Our owner, who is on almost every job, is a certified BPI home energy auditor. We will look at your home as an integrated system and help you find ways to increase its efficiency through insulation and other weatherization projects.
Energy efficiency assessment

Ask About Getting a Home Energy Score

Let us examine your home and compare it to others across the United States. The Home Energy Score is a simple 1-to-10 rating system that will let you know whether your structure is performing at peak efficiency (10) or is in need of some serious energy improvements (1).

Our inspections can also help you understand other issues related to the health and safety of your home.
  • Mold prevention
  • Indoor air quality
  • Carbon monoxide risks
  • Combustion appliance safety
      Energy audit

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