Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning

Comprehensive Duct Cleaning

Make sure your ducts are releasing air and nothing else! Illinois Valley Insulation will thoroughly clean and decontaminate your entire duct system so it's not blowing dust, mites, and mold along with the heated and cool air you expect.
Duct details

Attention to Duct Details Makes the Difference

At Illinois Valley Insulation, we don't just force air through your ducts and call them clean. We use a roto-brush method that scrubs the walls of your ducts and we combine that process with many attentive improvements.
  • Your air handler unit will be tested to ensure it's working properly
  • The unit will be cleaned and sanitized
  • All vent registers will be removed, cleaned, and replaced
  • Your entire system will be deodorized
Duct cleaning

Don't Neglect Dryer Ducts and Vents

Our detailed work extends to your dryer vents, too! Lint buildup in dryer vents and ducts contributes to the 15,000-plus dryer fires that occur every year. Let us get in there and completely clean all parts of your dryer ventilation system.

You also can have us install an audible dryer vent alarm that lets you know when airflow is being restricted.

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Duct cleaning

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