Air Sealing

Air sealing

Exacting Air Sealing Process

At Illinois Valley Insulation, we like to do things right. That's why we finish up your insulation project with carefully targeted air sealing measures.

We ensure your property is free from air penetration and we eliminate any air leaks.
Chimney insulation

Targeting the Little Places Where Leaks Occur

Many insulation firms will do the basics and then move on. But at Illinois Valley Insulation, we increase the efficiency of your home by looking for those little areas where air may still be getting in and out.
  • Chimney areas
  • Top plates
  • Areas around can lights
  • Bathroom and kitchen fans
We seal those spaces so you get a completely insulated home or business.

Attention to Detail is Our Strength

Air sealing is a little thing but we think it shows the depth of our commitment to giving you the best service possible.

It's part of our owner's dedication to personal service and grows out of his awareness and training as a certified BPI home energy auditor. For more information or to make an appointment with us, call 815-875-1901.
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