Chimney Cleaning

Chimney cleaning

Protective Chimney Cleaning

Ensure your chimney is not posing a threat to your home with professional chimney inspections and cleaning services from Illinois Valley Insulation.

We'll get rid of any flammable deposits in your firebox and flue and also watch for potential structural problems and other safety issues you need to know about.
Effective chimney cleaning

Thorough Care for All Parts of Your System

Our chimney cleaning is thorough and effective and covers a range of components in your chimney system. We will clean your firebox and flue, as well as the spark arrester at the top of your flue or chimney pot.

Our services are also available for cleaning the plenum in your ventilation system. Be sure to ask us for details when you contact us or call 815-875-1901.
Professional chimney cleaner

Put Our Professionals on Every Job

As a reputable contractor, Illinois Valley Insulation is a member of several professional groups and organizations.
  • National Association of Home Builders
  • Illinois Valley Home Builders Association
  • Bureau County Contractors Association
If you have any question about our credentials, please contact these organizations.
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All of our products are manufactured only in the 
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All employees are English-speaking American citizens. 

We work to make your house is safer and healthier.

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